At all times Gema-tec a/s has a large selection of used machinery for e.g. the feed industry, the milling industry, the food industry, the petfood industry and cogeneration plants. GEMA-TEC A/S also has a wide selection of spare parts, and naturally we offer service and assembly.

Please find our contact information on our contact page or call us on tel. +45 75 86 80 15

Hammer mill Multi 601
Hammer mill Multi 650 / 800A
Hammermølle Multi
Hammer mill Multi 650 / 1001
Hammermølle Multi
Hammer mill Multi 650 / 1000A
Hammermølle Multi
Hammer mill Multi 650 / 1000B

Hammer mill
Opti 700

Hammer mill
Opti 900

Hammermølle Bühler
Hammer mill Bühler 1265
Pellet mill PM6
Pillepresser PM700
Pellet mill PM6
Pillepresser PM900
Pellet mill PM900

Pellet mill

Feed expander FEX 34
Feed expander 34


Micro fluid
Micro Fluid System MFS 500
Knuser CV11
Crusher CV11