NuEvo FG 1500 is a newly developed fine-grinding hammer mill from GEMA-TEC A / S, with the following improvements:

  • Mill house made of 10 mm thick plate
  • Stronger end covers, which are on the bolt with double number of 10 mm bolts for fastening in the mill housing
  • The mill is delivered with flange bearings
  • The flange bearing housings are made of machined steel, and are therefore stronger than traditional cast iron bearing housings.
  • The hammer mill is equipped with newly constructed reinforced doors in 8.0 mm plate
  • Newly developed pneumatic safety locking system on doors
  • Pneumatically operated opening and closing of screen frames
  • Adjustable engine bracket
  • Built-in cable tray in the grinding chamber for cables and pneumatic hoses
  • Indicator and registration of open or closed doors
  • Grinding area in the full length of the turbine rotor
  • New and specially designed turbine rotor, for greater capacity and grinding degree
  • Built-in baffle for changing the direction of rotation
  • PT 100 temperature sensor on bearings
  • Newly designed paint bridge, which is divided into demountable elements, so that the turbine top does not have to be replaced every time the paint bridges have to be replaced
  • The paint bridges are made of machined steel plate which is subsequently hardened
  • The mill has paint bridges in both top and bottom for more efficient and optimal grinding
  • The bottom frame is reinforced so that the turbine can be mounted with a motor up to 455 kW

Application options:

  • Cereal products
  • Straw
  • Fishmeal
  • Meat and bone meal
  • Wood chips
  • Fiberglass m.m.


  • Uses screens from Ø 0.5 with 0.5 mm wall thickness, and up to Ø 50.0 mm in wall thickness

Engine specification:

  • Max 455 kW – 3000 rpm.

Additional equipment:

  • Also available with 0-speed speed monitor.

Contact GEMA-TEC A / S for indicative capacities.

In addition to the above, we can supply a complete solution with our own produced air separator, feed auger, turbine dome, filter

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