GEMA-TEC A/S has developed a filter top, that covers most of the customer’s needs.

The filter top is designed for industrial use and is made of heavy material, with a focus on good air flushing power and low maintenance needs,

long life/operation safety, and can be used for filtering most products in many different industries

The filter top is dustproof and can be used both indoors and outdoors.


• Easy installation

• The system automatically flushes the bags one row at a time

• Reliability, economy and flexibility and low energy cost

• Used specifically for mounting directly on container

• Filter housing made of 3 mm thick plate

• Easy approach to filter switching

• Air tank with safety valve and reduction valve

• Filter bags

• Filter cages

• Complete filter controlsystem

• The filter controlsystem helps to maintain a low pressure drop and saves both compressed air and energy.

• Ventilator

• Impact valves


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