New hammermill, conditioners, aspiration filters and conveying systems

GEMA-TEC A/S design and produces the following machines:



Aspiration filters

Conveying systems

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Hammermills FG450 to FG1000

GEMA-TEC A/S hammermill type Nuevo FG is especially designed for fine grinding of fishfeed, petfood, conventional feed and wood pellet production.

Features of the GEMA-TEC A/S fine grinding hammermill type Nuovo FG:

  • New developed heavy duty grinding chamber in 10 mm material thickness.
  • Optimised grinding bridge in top and bottom
  • Patented energy rotor for optimum utilization of energy consumption
  • Enforced base frame and gates
  • Changeable wearparts in grinding chamber
  • Mill rotor mounted in heavy bearings and bearing constructions
  • Automatic screen tightening system

We can deliver our Nuevo FG hammermills in the following sizes:

  • Nuevo FG 450
  • Nuevo FG 630
  • Nuevo FG 800
  • Nuevo FG 1000
  • Nuevo FG 1500

Please contact GEMA-TEC A/S for guideline capacities

Furthermore we can deliver a complete solution with in-house produced air separator, feeder screw, mill dome and filter.

Hammermill FG1500

NuEvo FG1500 is a newly designed and developed fine grinding hammer mill from GEMA-TEC A/S. The improved design features the following improvements.

  • The mill casing is produced of 10 mm iron sheet
  • Heavier end cap bolted with twice the number of 10 mm bolts for mounting on the mill casing
  • The delivery include flange bearings
  • The flange bearing casings are manufactured from processed steel and are therefore stronger than traditionel bearing casings made in cast iron.
  • The hammermill is constructed with newly designed reinforced doors in 8 mm iron sheet.
  • Newly developed pheumatic security lock system on the doors.
  • Pneumatic opening and closing of screen frames
  • Adjustable engine fittings.
  • Built-in cable pan in the grinding chamber for cables and pneumatic tubes.
  • Indicator for open and shut screen doors
  • Grinding area in the full length of the mill rotor
  • New special designed mill rotor for increased capacity and improved praticle size
  • Built-in guiding plate for changing direction of rotation
  • PT 100 temperature sensor on bearings
  • Newly designed grinding bridge, which is split in demountable elements, so that the milltop will not need changing, every time the grinding bridges are changed
  • The grinding bridges are produced from processed steel sheet, and subseqently tempered
  • The mill has grinding bridges in both top and bottom for more effecient and optimum grinding
  • The bottom frame is reinforced to carry an engine as large as 455 kW

The FG1500 is suited for

  • Grain
  • Straw
  • Fishmeal
  • Meat and bone meal
  • Wood chips
  • Glass fibre


  • Uses screens from Ø 0,5mm  with a wall thickness of 0,5 mm to Ø 50mm

Motor specifications

  • Max 455 kW – 3000 r/min

Optional equipment

  • Can be delivered with a zero-speed sensor

Please contact GEMA-TECA/S for information on indicative capacities

We are able to deliver a complete solution including in-house produced air-separator, feeder screw, mill dome and filter

Hammermill Nuevo FG

Feeder screw for hammermills

Our GEMA-TEC A/S feeder screw type FS250D was developed for among others our own Hammer mill type Nuevo FG


On the new developed GEMA-TEC A/S conditioner type CLR the focus has particularly been on easy cleaning and maintenance and long lifetime under extreme conditions.

Features of the conditioner type CLR:

  • A stainless steel AISI 316 casing
  • Mixer shaft in massive steel or stainless steel AISI 316
  • Drop shaped paddles in acid resistant steel AISI 316
  • Top-hung gates with full access in the entire length of the conditioner.
  • New design for the heavy duty gate hinges
  • Smart single hand operated gate closing system with security switch
  • Specially designed shaft gaskets in acid free stainless steel
  • Available with custom mounting of driving station
  • Customer required placing of gate
  • Steam manifold with stainless ball valves

Our CLR conditioner is available in the following sizes:

  • CLR2500
  • CLR3000
  • CLR3500
  • CLR4000

Please contact GEMA-TEC A/S for guideline capacities

When constructing the conditioner type CLR the focus was on retention time and absorption of steam and liquid. The conditioner works well with pelletmills and extruder/feed expander. Furthermore our CLR is wide suited as single mixer where temperature and/or liquids are required.

Aspirations filters

For years GEMA-TEC A/S has produced a wide selection of process and aspiration filters in various types and sizes.

In the design and construction of Gema-tec filters special attention is on

  • low energy and compressed air consumption
  • minimum maintence
  • easy cleaning access
  • optimum use of filter capacity
  • customer required sizes and design

The GEMA-TEC A/S standard program include the following types of filters:

  • SF – a square filter with filter bag change from the side (SFS) or from the top (SFT). Type SF is only available with cone outlet
  • RF – a round filter with filter bag change from the side (RFS) or from the top (RFT). Type RF can be delivered with either cone outlet or scaber bottom
  • SP is a spotfilter for either horizontal (ex. on chainconveyor) or vertical mounting (ex. bucket elevator type SPV).

GEMA-TEC A/S is able to deliver complete filter solutions including filter, ventilator, piping, steel construction, mounting and start-up.

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Conveying equipment

GEMA-TEC A/S has designed a product range with conveying equipment, which covers the need of most customers.

The conveying equipment is designed for industrial use. Focusing on cleaning and emptying of remnant material, long lifetime and reliability, the conveying equipment is suited for transportation of most materials in many different industries.

The conveying equipment is spatter and dust proof and can therefore be used in both an outdoor and an indoor environment.

  • The product range include
  • Chainconveyor type CC
  • Bucket elevator type BE
  • Screw conveyor type SC
  • Dosing Screw type DS

The Gema-tec chainconveyors and bucket elevator are modular designed and is therefor available in customized lengths.

Chain conveyor type CC