MFS Micro Fluid System

Micro Fluid System is used for adding fluent additives, like enzymes, vitamins, aroma, amino acids and lactid bacteria, oil etc. MFS is very economical in use, which is important due to the high costs for these additives. The addition is very accurately controlled and evenly sprayed throughout the entire feed amount.

Amount: 1 pcs.
Brand: Andritz (Sprout-Matador)
Type: MFS 500

Capacity: 10-50 t/h
Use: coating with enzymes and fat on pills.

Suited for: Pellets – Cooled and sifted.
Complete with pumps and nozzles.


The Crumbler process can be applied to all types of feed pellets. When the feed pellets are crumbled, it is crushed into a granulate which results in a more optimal digestion of the animal. The product is passed down between the two rolls. The rolls have different corrugations patterns and rotate against each other in different speeds. The roller distance can be adjusted, thereby adjusting the grain size of the finished product.

Amount: 1 pcs.
Brand: Andritz (Sprout-Matador)
Type: GM-160

Capacity: 15-25 t/h
Motor: 22 kW
Use: Crumbling / Reducing grain size

Suited for: Pellets